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Over saturated photos on S21 (and recent Samsung phones) please turn it down some or give the option

(Topic created: 10-06-2021 09:02 AM)
Galaxy S21

I've been with Samsung since the S3 and had the S4, note 4, S8,  S9+, S20+ and now the S21+. The note 4 had great spot in colors even with an older sensor than current phones. The S8 was the last one I had that actually took decent pictures. Starting with my s9, Samsung slowly started their saturation creep. The S20 series and S21 series pictures are just way too saturated. I don't know who in the marketing department did tests, but the pictures are too unrealistic to color in real life. We don't need overly greens, super blue skies and bright reds. The whole image in general is just too saturated. Comparing pics side by side taken with the S8, the S8 has much better pictures. The sensor is so much better on the S21, but ruined by post processing. A tad too much noise reduction making images muddy, and again, the over saturation. We shouldn't have to post process every picture.

I never had an iPhone and never want one, but their camera is light years ahead. I absolutely love how their images look, and they are LIFELIKE. No need for all the extra saturation. I wish Samsung took this seriously and make the pictures look like the S8 series again. Videos are the same mess. Too much saturation. Who thinks this is okay??

Pro mode makes the colors look better, but usually too dark. I also can never get a sharp picture using pro mode, no matter the settings. Always fuzzy, even on lightroom. I just want a decent phone picture, out of the box like apple. And I don't even like apple. If they changed their file structure, would probably get one.

Please Samsung, turn down the saturation on the photos and reduce noise reduction just a little bit. 

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Galaxy S21

I have the same problem.

In Auto mode all pictures are overshapened and oversaturated and HDR is always making artificially blue skys and shows to much details in the shadows, even if its off.

I'm taking pictures in Pro mode with saturation at -3 and they look better but aren't too sharp.

I don't know why all the Youtubers are never comparing those modes?