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PUK Code

(Topic created: 06-29-2022 05:34 PM)
Galaxy S21
I was changing my password manager and updating many old passwords. While I was doing the passwords I somehow entered too many numbers and right in the middle of what I was doing AT&T locked my phone. Too many attempts, I'm not even sure what attempts, but it doesn't matter - my Galaxy S21 Ultra was frozen! Initially I wasn't worried, until I did my research and found out that AT&T will not provide a PUK code to me because my phone is on an installment plan. I either pay off the balance or wait 30 to 60 days for the code. What in the world!! I am a retired AT&T employee and have used AT&T my whole life and I will have no service on my $1200.00 phone for 2 months! This is crazy. They can tell it's not stollen by checking my location and certainly they can identify when I answer all the questions in my file. But NO, I can just wait!  Does anyone out there have a work around? I've seen some stuff on the internet that may work but I'm afraid to mess around with the phone for fear I finish it off! I'd appreciate your advice. Thanks, Leslie

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Black Hole
Galaxy S21
You've got it all wrong. Call your carrier or stop by your local AT&T store.

It is my understanding that the PUK number is used to unlock your SIM card so you can connect to your carrier's network. Attempting to unlock your device on the unlock screen incorrectly several times will result in your phone's security system to lock your SIM card, which renders your phone inoperable.

Unlocking your device to that you can swich to another carrier's network is a different thing all together.