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Persistent Notification Doesn't Always Run in the Background

(Topic created: 08-12-2022 11:40 AM)
Galaxy S21
Hello, I wanted to post an issue I've been having with my Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and with a family members Galaxy S21.

We've both installed the ADT SoSecure app, which is supposed to run in the background while being able to track each other. But most of the time the app doesn't even work and sometimes I have to exit and tap on the app and then exit again for it to properly run in the background. I've tested that this is a Samsung issue, because I also have a Nokia phone from TracFone where the app works the way it should, since I've tried it multiple times and it continues to run in the background the way it is supposed to.

Has anyone else been using an app that is supposed to run in the background but doesn't? 
I've also I've contacted ADT about the app multiple times and even though they've made a couple updates since then, it is still not working properly on the Samsung Galaxy S21 or S21 Plus. None of these phones are rooted either.
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