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Phone battery died while using and now will not accept a charge, either by port or wirelessly from any device

(Topic created: 12-01-2023 09:46 PM)
Galaxy S21

I have always had the protect battery selected on this device that I have now had a little over a year, so the charge has never gone beyond 85%. In addition, I rarely ever run the battery out completely. I typically charge it once it gets to 15%. However, recently I have had very quick drainage and sudden shut off occurred twice. The last time is when the battery stopped allowing any kind of charge. Either by cable or wirelessly. I purchased the device unlocked and I am now at a loss as to what I can do to move this forward. Any suggestions?

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Galaxy S21

Have you tried a different charger block and cable? 

At this point you can submit a warranty claim via Samsung Members app or the web if it's still in warranty,  If not you can send it in for service or bring it to a local repair shop like Ubreakfix which is an authorized Samsung repair facility. 

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