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Photos taken in quick sucession are too dark then too bright

(Topic created: 10-25-2021 09:38 AM)
Galaxy S21

Recently I have been having an issue with the camera on my S21 Ultra. When taking posed photos of my 4 year old I often take 5+ quickly in a row and then go back and delete the ones where she isn't looking etc. Just recently my phone has started doing something where one photo in the series will be super dark and then very next one over exposed and bright/washed out. See attachment of side by side of dark and bright. It doesn't do this everytime, so if I take 5 photos sometimes 3 are fine and 2 look like this, other times it's more.


I've only noticed it the last few weeks and only when taking pictures of people. My husband has the same phone and takes way less pictures then I do but it happens to him once too.

Any advice? Very frustrating to have a good picture ruined due to the exposure.

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take burst photos if you need to take multiple pictures fast. if you can, take time to focus each shot. in the first picture that you posted, the camera is focusing on the bright window behind her. this is causing everything else to darken.
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The "fast succession photo blast" is probably not allowing the camera software to "recover / analyze / apply settings" to properly execute the shot.

@LoganRandall covered what was happening (no doubt)