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Price match with S21 pre order credit problem.

(Topic created on: 4/29/21 2:41 PM)
Galaxy S21


So, my family had three samsung promo credits from the s21 pre-order promotions totaling $500, I finally found something to use them on in the galaxy book alpha. Was able to get a pre-approval on a price match for 479 and ordered it using these codes once it got back in stock at $999. Of course having to wait until after the order has shipped to actually ask for the price match to be processed.


Now the problem, on paper, using these credits apparently does not act as a partial payment like a gift card, but rather a discount off of the total before any payment. Therefore they're saying I only "payed" a total price of $533, instead of $999+tax, and "estimate" a ~$50 refund for the price match.


I can somewhat understand they're having to follow policy on this, that on paper the promo credits act as discounts instead of payments, bringing down the "total price" but obviously this doesn't work out well, as it results in the $500 credit being useless since I would have been out of pocket the same amount without having used them at all, once the price match was processed. 


I was told my only options were to leave it as is and just loose $500 worth of credits, or that canceling the order would reinstate the credits automatically. Of course since they wouldn't even look at the request until the item was ordered and shipped, we would have to return it, do they pay for return shipping?


Please, thoughts and recommendations?

Thank you!

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