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Pro Mode is useless without a proper Gymbal from Samsung

(Topic created: 07-11-2021 08:24 PM)
Galaxy S21
Hello everybody, I hope this reaches the top executives of Samsung mobile. I am a Samsung user for 10 years and I love the fact that they include a pro mode on their camera app.  But the more I use it, the more I realize that I cannot use all its functions on Pro Mode using the touchscreen while either using a gymbal or holding the phone to shoot videos in pro mode. So my idea will be either come up with a remote control to control the ISO, the focus, or the shutter speed or a gymbal to take advantage of the main camera features. If I buy a DJI gimbal or any other third party gimbal I cannot control all its functions using the Samsung camera app. It come with its own camera app which I cannot use to the phone's full potential. From changing to different lenses like wide angle to focus or even most apps can't I shoot at 60 frames. I also like to shoot 120 frames in pro mode to slow down footage in post production which most cameras these days from third party does not support. I wish Samsung would make a gimbal specifically for our phones to take advantage of it's  features in pro mode. It will bring more professional photographers using Samsung phones.  It is very hard to use a cage rig or just using the phone Pro Mode and touching the screen to swipe up and down to focus or change the iso etc. 
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