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Quality of audio calls

(Topic created: 02-07-2023 12:55 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
Samsung needs to focus on improving the quality of the audio calls and increase the loudness of the calls. Often in public places, it is extremely hard to hear during the call, whether it is the ear piece or speaker. Samsung phones has this problem for many years and I was hoping they would improve the quality of calls by upgrading the hardware but it seems to be more focused on camera when a new version is released every year. I have a Galaxy S21 and I haven't read any specs indicating Samsung is working on improving audio call quality. It's all about the camera.
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I haven't had this issue and I've not seen others here raise this issue. I see your other post here is about another audio concern. (Politely) Perhaps the issue isn't Samsung, but your hearing or concerns about your auditory system? Perhaps you should discuss your concerns with an audiologist or Ears, Nose, and Throat specialist.