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Quick Charging

(Topic created on: 4/10/21 6:38 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
When I got my S21 ultra the phone worked with my wireless quick charger in my car and on my quad lock. IE as intended, it quick charged. Since the latest update the only chargers it will quick charge on are Samsung chargers. Other quick chargers are now met with a picture of a battery with an X through it and an error message: This  charger is not compatible. Please use a compatible charger.

I was driving my car yesterday for 90 minutes and it charged my phone something like 4%.

This is also the case with my wired anker charger. 

This is ridiculous. Samsung needs to fix the phone back. I didn't spend 1500 bucks so that I can't quick charge my phone in a 45k Toyota or on $100 quad lock. This is completely unacceptable. 

The iPhone works on both.

Samsung: fix this.
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