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Random settings changes??

(Topic created on: 4/15/21 7:46 PM)
Galaxy S21

Overall, I really like my new S21... but I've never had so many issues with the settings on any other phone. Every day I've had the phone seemingly change some of it's own settings, usually around DND mode, but also for app notifications and wallpapers.

For example:

  • Nofications I've previously turned off, turn back on again or vice versa
  • The setting to allow media in DND mode randomly turns itself back to default "off" setting, sometimes in the middle of playing media
  • Live wallpaper randomly turns off and reverts to default factory wallpaper
  • Dynamic lock screen randomly turns itself off
  • Alarms I have made sure are set to be allowed during DND mode work one day, but don't the next - and when I check, the settings have changed by themselves
  • My Samsung pay access (swipe up) randomly disappears, then comes back again later

Things like wallpaper are a minor annoyance but when I'm missing messages and alarms, that's a real problem.

Is there something I'm missing here??  When I've searched I can't find anyone else with this weird mix of problems.


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