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Replacement phone not syncing ALL my pictures

(Topic created: 09-22-2021 06:14 AM)
Galaxy S21

I apologize for the long-winded story in advance:

I was travelling a couple of weeks ago when my S21+ completely died on me. Turns out it was a "motherboard" issue.

Anyway,  I went to the nearest T-Mobile and got a POS (you can figure out what that means) phone in the interim. They took my SIM card from the S21+ and put it in the REVVL V+

Fast forward 5 days later...I got my replacement S21+ at my local T-Mobile and took my SIM card from the REVVL V+ back to the "new" S21+.

I signed into my gmail account and synced ALL my apps, contacts, and photos (from Samsung Cloud, too). 

Before my S21+ died, I had over 2,000 pictures. After I synched my photos, I only see about 900 pictures.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!

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