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Ringtones for apps on S21 Ultra

(Topic created: 06-06-2024 09:42 AM)
Dan The Driver
Galaxy S21

I have an S21 Ultra. I used to be able to assign a seperate ringtone to nearly every app, but after an update a few months ago that function has been removed. Also I can no longer use mp3 or wav files for ringtones, I have to convert to ogg. Why was this ability removed and is there a way to restore it or replace it?

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Epic Samsung Care Ambassador
Galaxy S21

Make sure this is toggled on its a new setting that has to be on 

Phone settings 


Advanced Settings 

Manage notifications for each app 

this has to be toggled on to set in tone for each app 

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I've said this in other threads, but to me it's just plain stupid that the categories isn't on by default.  What's worse is if you had it on after the 6.0 update and then got the 6.1 update, it got turned off and had to be re-toggled on.  Also, people who don't know about it (mostly everyone) don't even know to turn it on, and it results in requests for help such as this.

I appreciate the usefulness of the categories, that way you don't have to receive every notification that an app decides to spit out, and you can assign a separate sound to the categories you do want so you can differentiate as to whether you want to look immediately or wait.

And, I know, @GaryB82 you do not work for Samsung and did not make the programming decisions--I'm just venting.