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S21 FE dual sim / eSim not working in US

(Topic created: 04-07-2022 01:27 PM)
Galaxy S21
I just purchased a Samsung s21 FE from the Samsung store. Before purchasing, I clearly asked whether this supports Dual sim or not. Asked from two different sales reps and they both said this supports dual sim. But after getting the phone I found out this does not support dual sim or e-sim support out of the box. One tech support person said this will be solved with a software update in the future. (Btw this has a physical dual sim try. Model SM-G990U1/DS)

When will this update rollout? The phone was released on January 11, and still no dual sim/ esim functionality. it has been 4 months now. 

I would appreciate it if some responsibe person from Samsung could answer this and give a better explanation on this. I will not satisfied with a "it will update soon". Give us an ETA. When it will be out. If it more than months, I will leave Samsung. I had a similar experience with my old Samsung also. This will be last time I'm staying with Samsung.

Why you guys are not saying this info before purchasing. Really disappointed with Samsung.

More on Samsung irresponsible sales reps and tech support.

When I was first informed about not working 2nd SIM, they asked me to return and give me a new phone. No dual sim or E-sim function.

When I informed them again, they asked me to go to a repair shop. (which was 30 min drive for me)

But finally, one Samsung tech support person give me the above info. Even that was after 1 hour of call.
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