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S21 Face recognition not working

(Topic created: 05-25-2022 12:31 PM)
Galaxy S21

Face recognition not working

I'm really frustrated by this phone. I just bought it and I am ready to toss it.

The issue is that I face recognition doesn't work. I have tried 10 different takes on my face, alternate face to, and the closed eye setting to no avail. It only works 30 pct of the time

Just talked to Samsung support, theres is nothing they can do. 

Biometric fingerprint works really bad too. The scanner is also in the middle of the screen, and I have a protective screen panzer glass 

That does not help either. Samsung support said they do not recommend panzer glass on their screens due to bad biometrics/fingerprint scan. My panzer glass has a round spot so it should work, but It doesn't. 

I'm ready to return the phone, this is **bleep**. 

My xiamo phone works flawless. 


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Galaxy S21
The first solution is probably one that you've tried - make sure you have no screen protector over the front camera (especially a plastic one). If you do, I would remove it, take the photo and then put it back on.
The solution that worked for me however (since the fingerprint scanner on my Note 20 refuses to even read my fingerprints while trying to store them) is this: Take note of the way you're holding your phone reading this comment, and your facial expression, and that is the position you should hold your phone while taking your photo (and make the same face). It's not a complementary angle, I'm sure (mine isn't) but my phone unlocks now when I just look at it.