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S21 Restarted overnight and now phone will not charge, Bluetooth not connecting, photos upside down

(Topic created: 11-08-2022 10:42 AM)
Galaxy S21

Woke up this morning very late because for some reason my phone decided to restart last night and that function is turned off and I did not get an update which sometimes triggers that... Thus it killed my alarms which led to me being late for work this morning... 

Today as a result my phone won't do anything right it will not charge with any charger including wireless charger nor will it hold a charge at all
Bluetooth will not connect 
Photos are not coming out properly they are turned upside down for some reason
I just want to take this phone to the nearest Samsung dealer and smash it on the counter right in front of them I expected a lot more from Samsung for a $999 phone instead of a $999  paperweight


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