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S21 Restarting Often

(Topic created on: 4/1/21 10:20 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
Since the Webview issue, my apps are doing fine but the phone is now restarting randomly,  as often as twice daily. 
I'd hate to have to replace the phone since that would require reinstalling all my apps. Especially security apps for work means getting a new device approved, which is a pain!
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Product Expert
Galaxy S21

@JosearroyoAm sorry to hear that your replacement is doing that. If you live around Samsung Care Centers they would be happy to assist you asap. If not unfortunately it would have to be a full wipe and they would have to examine they device to see if a patch of the devices they sent out are having issues or if its just one or two bad devices.

Solutions if it still reboots:

Let the device fully die and wait a few minutes and fully charge it without turning it on if the device decides to turn on let it be and wait till its at a full 100%.

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