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S21 Ultra - No 4G/LTE/5G After Digitizer/Screen Replacement

(Topic created: 05-25-2022 01:39 AM)
Galaxy S21
Replacement my S21 Ultra (Snapdragon) Digitizer & Frame and since my phone goes through 3g/H+/E and is generally usable but I've always had 5G service without fail (as does my wife & oldest son still) so not sure what is up.

In swapping everything I did make sure and swap the side antennas along with the tiny 5g cable into the new frame. I have countless times now disassembled and reassembled to ensure I reconnected everything correctly and securely. I've even taken a close look at all the cables and boards to ensure I didn't accidentally scrape/scratch or kink anything so I'm kinda at a loss...

This isn't my first repair but definitely the first time I've run into this issue!

Anyone else run into this issue? Any fixes? Ideas? Something I'm missing?
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