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S21 Ultra USB sound input

(Topic created: 05-10-2022 02:11 AM)
Galaxy S21

I've just purchased a Roland Go Mixer Pro X so I can record videos of me DJing. When I plug the USB connection into my S21 Ultra, it ignores the USB input source and continues to record through it's own microphone. To make sure it wasn't the Roland product causing the issue, I tried the same procedure with a Google Pixel 5 and it gave me the option to choose the audio source as 'external mic' and it worked perfectly! 

How do I switch the sound source manually on the S21 Ultra as I'm really struggling to find the option. I also remember having the same issue with the Note 9 so I'm worried it seems to be a problem for Samsung phones.

Help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

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Galaxy S21

If anyone has a solution to this please post as I have the same problem with the same equipment.  I was planning to stream with my GoMixer Pro but it will not accept input from the USB.  I then tried to record and same problem.