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S21 Ultra camera glass cracked

(Topic created: 10-12-2021 08:28 PM)
Galaxy S21

Today I dropped my phone about 2 feet off the ground while getting out of my car. It was the first time I have ever dropped the phone. Less than two months, a $2000 phone, I now have a cracked camera glass on the back of my phone.


I am sad and upset that a brand that I love has done me dirty. I spoke to a samsung employee over the internet and they told me that I have to pay for the repair cost,  because it's a physical damage and it isn't covered by warranty.

I told the employee that I was using their samsung phone case and it didn't do its job to protect my phone when it was dropped. They said that it was impossible because all their phone cases are dropped tested. 

Unfortunately,  my phone dropped and the camera glass on the back of my phone is cracked.

 After today, I will not recommend this phone. Especially,  if samsung is not going to recognize that they have a design flaw and customers are forced to pay for the repair cost. 

I am hurt, and betrayed and as a customer who loved samsung products, you have hurt me and made me lose trust in your brand and company.

Lastly,  I have been using samsung galaxy phones since the s7.  I will make sure to take my money to a different company that will take care of their customers and takes pride in their product.



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Galaxy S21
I'm sorry that you are having this happen. It's so frustrating.

I usually buy high-end phones, so I've always paid for phone insurance that is offered by my carrier. It adds a little to my bill each month, but if anything happens, I get my phone repaired or replaced for a $50 deductible. For me, it is just a part of life. Car insurance. Homeowner's or renter's insurance. Life insurance. You may want to look into phone insurance with your carrier too.
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Sorry to hear that. My S21 Ultra fell out of my pocket on a roller coaster and came back unscathed. Definitely wasn't using a Samsung case though. That's where you went wrong
Cosmic Ray
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Agreed! Samsung cases are good for looks but that's just about it, off-brand cases from dbrand, otterbox, Spigen are good options and usually are cheaper than their Samsung counterparts