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S21 Ultra still records garbage 4K video after April update

(Topic created on: 4/7/21 3:33 PM)
Galaxy S21

It's terribly disappointing to see such a poor performance out of what's being touted as the best camera phone of 2021. When will Samsung get their act together and fix this? 

To be clear, the issue is with the main sensor  (108MP) 4k UHD video, especially when shot in 60fps. Recording in broad daylight, there is simply no detail for far-away objects; it's all grainy and there is a ton of noise. In contrast, my 2.5 year old Galaxy Note 9 takes a far superior 4k UHD video under the exact same conditions - ultra-sharp and lots of details for objects both near and far-away. How is this acceptable from an Ultra flagship phone three generations later?

The smaller sensors (3x, 10x and ultra-wide) don't exhibit the same issue with 4K UHD videos (and the main sensor records decent 8k video, albeit at mere 24fps), so the issue is unique to the main sensor, and likely with respect to how it downscales to 4k. It should be fixable with a software update (or at least be improved than what it is now; it currently looks like very poorly upscaled 720p).

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Galaxy S21
Adjust your camera settings, advanced recording options and turn off high efficiency and if you have HDR 10+, is it grayed out and on or off? Then check the rest of the video settings while your there. Next, open the camera, scroll as far right as you can and select the option for more and see which modes if any are still there, and drag drop them to your mode selection tool bar. Which mode were you in when you recorded the video in question? What are the resolutions and screen aspect ratios set to? Select any video from your gallery, open it to view, play video bubble prompt, tap screen, pause video, top right 3 dot more options menu, settings, and check those ones for your settings since that menu is only accessible then just like the in call volume menu can only be accessed while your in a call. Let me know for further instructions