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S21+ battery drains instantly taking it off the charger?

(Topic created: 09-27-2021 05:12 AM)
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Okay so I just got the galaxy s21+ yesterday and noticed that when I charge it I can take it off the charger and open an app, within 3 minutes it'll drop like 2%. Like right now, its been off maybe 15 minutes and it's already down to 92%... anyone have this issue? When I check it says the phone is learning my usage habits but for a brand new phone is worries me that it dies soo quickly. Is is a faulty phone or is this normal? #battery 

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New phone with me battery needs several battery cycle to give you accurate reading.
Discharge continously to 10% (don't go below 10%) and then charge continuously to 100%
You can also check in device care for app battery usage
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Additionally the phone is using CPU cycles as it configures itself from new and this will cause what seems like excessive battery usage for the first day or 3.  It will also be syncing with any cloud services that you may have adding to battery consumption.

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