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S21 overheating

(Topic created: 05-13-2021 08:09 AM)
Galaxy S21
Insane how much this phone overheats. I got it at launch and now it's just crazy. My 4 year old daughter picked up my phone off the charger and dropped it cuz it was so hot. I just talked to support and they only offered for me to call Verizon and get a loaner phone. If this is a known issue, Verizon and other carries are not going to want to loan out a ton of phones. Samsung needs to fix and replace. 
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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Galaxy S21

I certainly understand how frustrating this may be. I would like to get this over to our specialized team so they may look into this further for you. Please send a private message with the following information: http://bit.ly/2XERsky


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