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S21 phone does not show T-mobile network for SIM1 after placing AT&T ESIM

(Topic created: 06-11-2022 06:35 PM)
Galaxy S21

Here are specs and details of the phone:

S21 Unlocked (from Samsung USA) with AT&T ESim and an International sim card that is tied up to T-mobile as local partner network. (confirmed as I have been getting SMS from the international sim stating their roaming offers wih T-mobile) I am currently in the US.


The S21 phone was loaded with the international sim with T-mobile as their network partner here in the US and was working fine. Then, changed to AT&T sim and was perfectly working well while the international sim was inserted to a Mi Poco phone that was working too for 1 year already.

Few days ago, I opted for an AT&T esim on S21 phone so that I can place the international sim on it.  After activating AT&T esim which was working fine till now. However, the international sim cannot get into a network and shows Emergency calls only.

Here's what I did:

Did manual network search and T-mobile but does not show on the available networks.

Placed the international sim back to the Poco Phone and was able to connect to T-mobile.


Would anyone how to go about this? Is there anything I have to manually adjust?

Hope someone could help me. Thanks!

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