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S21 slow mo camera lag

(Topic created: 07-28-2021 04:41 AM)
Galaxy S21


SMG991B device overheats very fast and camera lag. 

1. The whole camera app lagg like 2012 s3 device. When im recording slow mo the device lags and force close the camera app and restarting all the apps including one ui home. I have reported this issue so many times in samsung members but just received auto reply. 

2. Everytime i take the phone out of pocket the biometrics are blocked because so many fingerprint attempts are been made. Every single time i take the phone out i need type the password. The fingerprints sensor should be turned off when the front sensor is detected dark area like pocket or bag. This is not why i buy this device. 

Having this issue from april till now. Have done so many reports in samsung members, smart tutor, and twitter. Received auto reply to factory reset the device. So please dont tell me to reset the device as i have done more than 5times and also downloaded firmware from sammobile and flashed with odin.  Nothing helps. Also dont ask me to go to any service center. Because they wont understand the problem because it is a software bug. Please fix the software. Really frustrated from the day one till now i cant take any slowmo videos. Thanks


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Galaxy S21

so you have the Exynos variant? i think you should report it on your region's forum since this is US forum. 

but i'm sure you can still submit an error report on samsung members app > + button > error report