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Samsung 21 Utlra

(Topic created: 06-07-2021 01:56 AM)
Galaxy S21

I just need to let this out a bit as it has constantly been on my mind. I have always had Samsung. I love the customization options, cameras especially, and layouts. It allows creativity, is reliable and absolutely stunning. I was so excited when I saw this phone announced, especially with the Phantom Purple (my absolute favorite) In fact, I wish I hadn't seen it because it was constantly on my mind, and i've had my current phone for about 5 years. On top of everything that has been happening, and my stress with studying at uni, and work as I am almost going to graduate after 9 years of studying, not being able to spend time with my family due to needing to hit the books much less seeing or even being able to chat with my friends, this was full on the tip of the iceberg when I looked to get the s21 Galaxy Plus in Phantom Purple for the 256gb due to loving photography, but was told there aren't anymore and that it may never be in stock. I hope may be next time there will be release of a new phone with the same color.

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