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Samsung Buds Fathers Day Promo

(Topic created: 07-18-2021 08:48 PM)
Galaxy S21

Hi there! I bought a Samsung galaxy S21 for the Father’s Day promo (free Samsung bud headphones with purchase of phone). They outlined the conditions to include an upload of a photo for proof of location of purchase (mine was online through Telus website), the phone and IMEI number. I have done it several times, with all included information, and been rejected. The promo ends tomorrow. I have called over 10 times to Samsung with different information each time. They recommended including my service agreement scan photo (I did), my proof of purchase receipt (I did), to call Telus and ask for other proof of purchase (was on the phone for two hours and had a very kind Telus employee manually write up an email with the company logo included and all the required information) and was still rejected. I called Samsung and explained and sent over all documentation. They told me they ‘escalated my case’ (?) but I never heard back. The promo ends tomorrow. Even went to my local store, and they said there is nothing to be done! Was the promo a scam? Does anyone have any helpful ideas? I am seriously reconsidering ever buying a Samsung again (had recently switched from Apple) and they have been SO shady about this entire thing. 

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