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Samsung Email Missing "Ignore Do Not Disturb" Option?

(Topic created: 12-30-2022 08:06 AM)
Galaxy S21

Prior to the recent UI5 and Samsung Email app updates, I was able to set up do not disturb such that I would only receive sound notifications from the VIP emails.

This no longer seems to be the case as I am now receiving ALL email notifications while do not disturb (DND) is on. I have not changed any settings before or after these updates.

Looking at the email app I noticed the option to "ignore do not disturb" is now missing from each specific notification (i.e., I cannot set ignore DND for VIP).

How do I set up DND such that I can only get notifications and sounds from specific emails? I'm using S21 Ultra with the most recent December UI update and the Samsung Email v

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Galaxy S21

I just noticed this too, was wondering why i'm not getting my vip emails during dnd, such a useful feature.

There is a "workaround" i found using bixby routines though.

Make a new routine

Under IF choose "notification received"

Under apps choose the email app, then under "notification with specific keyword" type in VIP all in caps.

Now under THEN choose notifications and do not disturb, select off

Under notifications again choose "show custom notification" and enter a name for this notification in the title field(i put vip email is here) and click read this notification aloud. You can also add "read notification aloud" under THEN again and it'll speak email/vip and read the subject of the email.

So if you get a vip email and dnd is on this routine will turn dnd off and say whatever you put in the name for the notification. For some reason i couldn't find a way to add a specific notification sound or even ringtone to this routine, another downside is if you have dnd off you'll still get this notification.