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Samsung Financing / Customer Service...NEVER AGAIN!

(Topic created: 06-08-2021 01:32 PM)
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Decided to buy S21 Ultra on a Sunday.  Decided to finance, was sent to TD Bank.  Had to call them and update my info.  Finished purchase with Samsung and noticed that my info was incorrect as input by TD Bank.  Chatted with Samsung, was told to cancel order, edit info and reorder.  Problem is, you have to contact TD Bank and that department is closed on weekends.  I got passed around to three different people who's first language is not English while trying to resolve this with Samsung.  Some chick I could barely understand named "Grace", I'm sure that's her stage name, assured me she had it taken care of and would email me with information to go forward with this transaction once TD Bank got their stuff together.  It never came.  I called TD Bank the next day to close my account and was passed around once again, though their English was much better.  They were cold, to the point and never asked why I was closing my account after one day.

So longer story short, I will never, EVER consider buying anything directly from Samsung in the future.  What an exercise in frustration.  I bought two new S21 Ultra's from Verizon instead who had a killer promotional.  Love my Samsung phones, absolutely despise their customer service.  TD Bank can take a flying leap as well.

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Galaxy S21

Their is a Teller in Calgary Alberta named Grace and she is very nice