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Samsung Notes keep crashing on one particular note constantly

(Topic created: 02-27-2024 03:40 PM)
Galaxy S21
Hello! I am having a problem with the app Samsung Notes. I have a particular locked note that has a good bit of pictures in it which are work related things. One day I went into the note and it completely crashed my Samsung Notes which is odd. None of the other locked notes or notes has done this. This has happened to me prior but I can't remember how I fixed it but it MIGHT have been becaused the crashed note wasn't locked so I was able to export it. This note in particular won't let me even unlock it, send it, etc and you can't sync locked notes which is a annoying in this situation. I have tried safe mode, deleting cache, wiping cache partition, configured with the settings in the Notes app, etc and nothing has worked. It just continues to crash. Does anyone happen to have any work around or a method where I can at least save my notes since they are incredibly important for my work? Thank you so much. 
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