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Samsung S21 5G - Samsung Account "Something went wrong, please try again"

(Topic created on: 5/20/21 2:50 AM)
Galaxy S21


I recently had an issue with a lot of different apps keep crashing, tried a few things but none of them worked and resorted to a factory reset. 

Since then I have had an issue with logging into my Samsung Account. Whenever I try the password goes in it takes me to the T&Cs page I hit accept then it pops up a message saying processing failed , followed by "Sorry something went wrong, please try again".  I tried; 

resetting my password to the latest requirement (upper case symbols number etc) 

clearing caches 

Turning the phone off and on in a number of ways

even set up a fresh account on samsung. 

turned the phone on in safe mode still didnt work. 

All to no success. Getting quite annoyed with it now as the samsung account doesnt really bother other then the annoying message that can be silenced but its blocking the back up of my onedrive. 

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21

did the app crash occur in the past week or two? or like... last month?

there was a Google's WebView issue last month, that might be related to your app crashes, but as for the Samsung Acct. ...

sounds like something that needs to be reported on Samsung Members app...