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Samsung S21 Ultra order cancelled automatically on the day of delivery

(Topic created: 11-10-2021 06:17 AM)
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I ordered an S21 Ultra during discovery week for decent discount, and then upon checking the following days after making the purchase, the price of the S21 ultra got further reduced, so I cancelled my prior order and reordered the cheaper offer. The final uncancelled order was made on the 29th of October, and due to deliver on the 10th of November, a confirmation email was sent out to me right after purchase, but no word after that. Upon trying to track my order, the website did not work and the search button did not do anything, so I called Samsung and gave them my order number and id to find my order, they found it exists and due to deliver on the 10th of November. I was reassured. Until the day of delivery, and no dispatch email was received, until 6am on the 10th, I received an automatic cancellation message of my order. I frantically called support at 8am to figure out what happened, and they told me they would reply within 24 hours. I have just now received an unreplyable TEXT message saying that there was a pricing error on the website during the sale, and therefore my order has been refunded. This is absolutely unacceptable, Samsung has wasted 12 days of my time, and made me wait all the way until my delivery date to tell me my order has been cancelled, and without reason. I have purchased all the accessories for the phone in anticipation of its arrival, to say I'm frustrated is an understatement. Now that the sale has ended and the offer has passed with a wasted two weeks, Samsung is only offering to refund my original amount without any further compensation or at least a price match of the supposed proper price that should have been offered during the sale. Samsung offers great technology but honestly their customer service is shocking to say the least.

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Umm how is it Samsung wasted 12 days of your time? You can't possibly mean the standard time frame between placing an order until the delivery date or are you?

First off, EVERYONE has to wait for processing of payment, processing the order itself, preparing for shipping, shipping carrier pickup and the estimated travel time for delivery. C'MON MAN!

Secondly, with whom are you going to place a compliant with, the standard issue Customer Rep? So you actually think THEY'LL be able to honor a pricing error? You think they have someone there that's going to honor the error similar to someone like a store manager of a retail store. Do you realize the actual size of Samsung? They're not equipped to resolve a matter this unique.

They're not in business to lose money. It's unfortunate for you that you have start the process over in hope of finding a good deal.

The good news is that discounts are right around the corner with the S22 on deck slated for release in late January/early February. If you can't wait that long wait for the Christmas Holiday sales. Good luck!