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Samsung Trade In

(Topic created on: 4/8/21 5:50 PM)
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Samsung declined one of 3 Samsung S9 trade ins stating it was not reset to factory standards.

We reset it with Verizon customer service and shipped it back to Samsung per trade in guidelines..

We received an email saying one of the trade ins was rejected because it was not factory reset. I contacted Samsung to help me understand. 

After explaining the situation again, I received an email from Kathlyn Padel (Samsung E-Commerce)

Mar 25, 2021, 17:53 EDT 


Greetings from Samsung e-commerce! 

Thank you for reaching out. Upon checking on your account, I see that our processing team was able 
to locate your second Galaxy S10 and the triage happened today. 
The chargeback reason was because you did not reset your phone upon sending to us. 

Do not worry, I will take care of this. I will have a consult with one of our support to help me work on your case. 

If you need further assistance or have questions, just let me know. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for choosing Samsung, don't forget to use code: CS_50_LATESTGALAXY_5G when ordering your new Galaxy S21 to earn an additional $50 instant-credit off select mobile accessories.

Warm regards,

Kathlyn Padel
Samsung Customer Care

So, we've been going back and forth for awhile since I have not received either the agreed upon credit, nor my phone. Tonight I receive an email from:

Akshay Navada (Samsung E-Commerce)

Apr 8, 2021, 15:49 EDT

Hello Mike,

Greetings from Samsung!

Since the RTC was initiated, trade in device will be return back to customer soon. Regrettably, we can't modify once trade in was being RTC'd since it is a system based. I hope you understand our limitations.

Have a great day!

Warm regards,

Akshay Navada
Samsung Customer Care

My question is aside from the fact that I was told that "I should not worry" and that the customer service representative will" take care of this", I continue to get device declined emails...how can I get the trade in accepted as informed by customer service and get reimbursed to my credit card?

Any guidance from the community is sincerely appreciated.


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Galaxy S21
Escalate the issue to corporate.