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Set notification volume independently for specific people through Messages.

(Topic created: 08-15-2021 09:37 AM)
Galaxy S21
Hello. I am attempting to find a solution to help me set the volume for specific people who text through the Messages app.

I know one can already choose individual notification tones, but am surprised there isn't a volume slider tucked in there also, that allows to set volume independently for individual contacts. I care for my friend, and when she needs help, I need to be able to hear it every time, without just having my phone volume turned all the way up, and every other notification bothering me, or removing every other notification sound.

Please help me find a working solution to this issue. Google refused the APIs for RCS to developers for Android 11, so Tasker will not intercept RCS text messages, and we would like to keep that feature on.

Maybe consider adding an independent volume slider for Messages contacts in the individual contact settings.

Thank you for your time.
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Galaxy S21
I dont think theres a seperate volume just different notifications ringtones text messages