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Spen to text missing after update

(Topic created: 02-03-2023 12:09 PM)
Galaxy S21
I have a Samsung S21 Ultra (At&t). After updating my phone to the latest update it appears that the spen to Text option in the spen settings page is gone. I had been trying it out before I updated and thought it was very handy. I was running oneui 5 before this latest update, but after updating the option disappeared. I have tried using recovery mode to repair the apps and clear the cache and it is still missing. Any idea as to if the feature was removed or if there is anything I can do to get it back?
(Interesting to note, using samsung's good look registar it recorded that I had changed the spen to Text setting to on, but when I go into the details it appears that it is says that I changed the air commads setting to on. Which is wird because there are other entries that refer to the air commander turning on and off)
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