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Starmaker App songs skipping and headphones that do not work

(Topic created on: 3/5/21 5:57 AM)
Galaxy S21


So I am very happy with my new galaxy s21 ultra.  However, I am disappointed in the fact that none of the headphones I have used to sing in the StarMaker App help me fix the song skipping beats problem.  When I try to record a song, the sound is amazing, but it is like the song skips parts.  I cannot use the wireless earbuds because there is always a delay so I have to use the wired ones.  I have tried so many headphones already.  Some headphones are better than others, but the problem still persists.  I have never had this problem before with my old phones.  It is such a shame! I love this phone and I wish I could fix this problem :weary_face:

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