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Suggestion for Modes...

(Topic created: 12-02-2022 04:31 PM)
Galaxy S21
I am loving the Modes feature. Just have a suggestion. For the Driving one I have it turn my speaker and bluetooth volume up when the phone connects to my Bluetooth dongle. I like to have my screen stay on also, and currently use Tasker to accomplish this, (because Tasker creates an exit task that will run the program again upon disconnect).

I use No Screen Off to accomplish this through Tasker. I did notice that I can have Modes run an app of my choosing when it starts, but No Screen Off needs to be run again to change the settings back to the way it was prior to running the first time, (equivalent to turning it on and off), but Modes does not run it a second time when disconnecting.

Can there be a way to set this to run the selected application again upon exit, or maybe be able to change additional settings like Screen Off Timeout in addition to the volumes, that change back upon disconnect?
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Galaxy S21
Your right. Although in my opinion, the modes need more adjusting. So I would use the Bixby routines and have screen timeout be the longest possible.