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Suggestions for Routines +

(Topic created on: 5/1/21 6:14 PM)
Galaxy S21

Hey Samsung,

I noticed you added Routines + to Good Lock and I got excited because there would be some great new features =)......But when I looked :|......🀨......:unamused_face: The only seemingly useful thing was a Low Battery feature. I like the addition of being able to have the Routine read a customizable message aloud, instead of having a Bixby Quick Command using Repeat After Me read a message aloud; you guys streamlined it a bit. 
I personally didn't understand the benefit of the Touch Macro controlls. Especially with the screenshot provided, presumably demonstrating how to automated the touches and swipes necessary to turn on Blue Light Filter; when you could just have Bixby turn Eye Comfort Mode on without having to set up that convoluted method. 
Can I come work for you guys and help you with ideas for new features and assist with retaining continuity across devices? 
What about adding the capability of selecting a particular notification to play in a Bixby Routine instead of just a beep? Or the ability to expand Bixby's reach into other apps to control? I get that the Touch Macro could be used to a degree in apps. But that could only allow for so much capability without Bixby being able to recognize third party app's menu selections.
Also, what are you guys doing to increase the intelligence of Bixby? Any plans on bringing back the capability to "Teach" or "Correct" Bixby when it gets commands incorrect? Like we use to be able to do with the Galaxy S9's?
If you guys need more ideas, you know my Samsung account ;)
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