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Switch to mobile data automatically is not working

(Topic created on: 6/10/21 2:30 AM)
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Hello I am Ketan I have Galaxy S21 so, in wifi advanced options there are an option called "Switch to mobile data" this option supposed to switch to mobile data connection when you are connected to a wifi without internet connection, like a camera or a vacuum cleaner's wifi, in my s21 ultra, this option is not working, so when i'm connected to my car dash cam, the phone does not receive any Whatsapp message, so if i tried to browse in chrome a message appears "no internet connection" i reseted the network options, wipe cache, tried on another samsung s21 ultra with the same result, can you guys let me know if you are suffering the same error?

on my old huawei mate 20 pro, this option works

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While I have that option enabled I haven't paid much attention to it so I really don't know how well it works. There is a second toggle on the advanced settings page that might help with the apps.
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What mobile carrier are you on? And what software version is your S21 on as well? Try submitting an error report through the Samsung Members app. (Settings > Software Information > Build Number  (last 4 characters))