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Galaxy S21

I am an avid user of Samsung phones. I currently have the S21 Ultra and love the phone. But year after year things come out on a new phone, only to have it gone on the next iteration. The items below to me would make the perfect phone that everyone would buy I believe.

Make everything just like the S21 Ultra with the below suggestions.

1. Keep S21 ultra brightness. This is great.
2. S21 cameras are great, but better camera system like pixel 6 pro.
3. Bring back the IR blaster infrared remote control system like in S6 model.
4. Bring back the Earphone jack.
5. FM radio - turn on the FM radio chip, not tied to a carrier turning on the chip. This is very useful in emergency situations when power and cell towers are out. Phone becomes worthless without it.
6. Better speakers and sound system. Make a top firing speaker in the top of the phone just like the bottom firing speaker, instead of using the ear piece. Add a sub-woofer. More bass and umpff at low and loud volumes. This suggestion (#6) alone would make me very happy.
7. Wider phone like the note series.
8. Finger print reader on back of phone like S9 model. Currently need 2 hands to use finger print reader.
9. Make phone rugged - don't need to get a case.
10. Bring back the notification light.
11. Flat screen - no curve on edge.
12. All phones unlocked. Should be up to user who they  connect to.
13. Solar charging. Phone charges in any light when not plugged into regular charger. This would be great in a survival situation.
14. Bring back expanded storage.
15. Quit the smaller bezel stuff. Do a smaller screen with bigger bezels to fit in above stuff. A thicker phone would not be bad either. They are too thin and slippery now.

Just think, if Samsung came out with a phone with all the above, wouldn't you be extremely interested in this. I think it would beat out all the competition.

Thanks much.

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Galaxy S21
NEWS FLASH! it's widely known Apple has read your post and is actively seeking your consultation to design the next generation iPhone 14 Max.

Word is their going to take up your vivid DREAM LIST of a WIDER solar charging, sub-woofing, IR Blasting w/smaller bezel AND expanded storage all while being an unlocked phone!

I can't believe I said most of it in one breath!

Anyhoo, they've asked ME to ask you to give them a call, they're impressed and intrigued with your classic retro design theme.

Let me know how that goes, a'ight!
Galaxy S21
I upgraded to s21 ultra from s9+ . I am disappointed with s21's pictures. They are too bright and face , skin tones do not have natural tone. Faces are too bright. S9+ had perfect exposures but s21 ' s exposures are too bright. I buy expensive phones to capture beautiful pictures of friends and family. Not happy with s21 s auto exposures. Too frightening and flat.