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Trade In Issues

(Topic created: 07-02-2021 02:46 AM)
Galaxy S21

I just purchased the S21 5G twice and returned my old phones for refund. My first trade in was accepted but my second one was not. They said I did not do a factory reset etc. My argument is if I didn't do a reset then return the phone to me and I will pick up postage and do the reset. But, they argued with me that they couldn't do this. They said I would have to return the original s21 to them for a refund and purchase it again and resend back the trade in. Are you kidding me. I just spent a long time at TMobile getting the S21 set up. I will not buy any Samsung items again and will advise all my contacts on facebook not to bother with the trade in program. What an inconvenience. 

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Galaxy S21
Couldn't they have restored to factory reset? Repetitious. I'm sure they have a reason but did they explain why to you? Maybe S22 will have less problems. In other words, you have to do the same thing over again? Waste of resources.