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(Topic created: 05-27-2021 12:20 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
Why can't you trade in a newer phone for an older one? Like on the Samsung website some people might think that this doesn't make sense but what if you were torn between the note 20 ultra and the s21 ultra I don't understand why you can't trade the s21 ultra for the older device lol
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Product Expert
Galaxy S21

Possibly because your Trade in Value may be up to over 80% or more of an older devices value.  Samsung Still sells the S10 series I could see a Trade in where you could walk away with a New Device for FREE and that is exactly why this situation is 100% Avoided.  We also do not downgrade software backwards either. But I do understand your point and it is valid I've even had customers wanting to trade in the S21 series for the S20 series due to the SD card slot not being available for the 21 series. 


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