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Transfer data from old Samsung to Galaxy S21 Altra 5G smart switch wirelessly. Taking a long time?

(Topic created: 07-31-2021 09:30 PM)
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Old phone  is Samsung SM J327 VOIRIS10 to New Galaxy S21 Altra 5G. Using smart switch wirelessly. The old phone continues to show recycling, all data list for transfer on the Galaxy are checked. Its been running for over 12 hrs. Is this appropriate time to expect? I'm 80 yrs old and never done this before.

Thanks, for any help. JC

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I would suggest using a cable to transfer your data. It sounds like you're having some connectivity issues probably related to your older device.
Cosmic Ray
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If you have a computer, the fastest way is  using a third-party phone transfer software. Such software like MobileTrans, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, PhoneDog, etc can help us transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, videos, photos, music, ebooks, apps from Samsung to Samsung phone directly from the computer via USB cable connecting. Unluckily, such software are not free to use. Or you can also try Bluetooth transfer like this:

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on both Samsung phones.
Go to "Settings" or the Control Panel to find "Bluetooth" option. Turn it on.

Step 2: Pair the devices.
Your one Samsung phone will scan and display the available devices. Choose another phone of yours in the list to pair them. On both phones a short passkey will then appear. Just tap the "OK" button to confirm Bluetooth transfer on both Samsung phones.

Step 3: Choose data and transfer it between Samsung.
On your old Samsung phone open your "File Manager" or "My Files" app and select the files you want to transfer from Samsung to Samsung. Then click "Share" button and choose "Bluetooth". In the next pop-up window, choose your paired new Samsung phone as the receiving device. On your new Samsung, you will see a notification asking you to confirm the transfer. Tap the "Accept" button and your data will be transferred from your old Samsung to the new one.

Hope this will be your help.