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Triple Tap to Zoom (or magnify)

(Topic created on: 6/7/21 2:38 PM)
Galaxy S21

I follow some videos but I don't seem to have this feature on my S21 Ultra. I go to settings > Accessibility > Visibility enhancements  > Magnification.   There is not option to activate "triple tap to zoom". Where can I find how to activate this feature please. There is an option to use a short cut but I am using that short cut for 'read aloud'. I know I have the short cut for both read aloud and zoom but I like the triple tap much better. How can I get this to work on my S21 Ultra? 

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After playing around with this for awhile, I think I have a solution. Try this:

  1. Go to settings -> Accessibility > Visibility enhancements  > Magnification and enable "Magnification shortcut". 
  2. Click "Got it" on the dialog that pops up about "User accessibility gesture".
  3. Now click the text "Magnification shortcut". 
  4. A dialog will pop up allowing you to pick triple tap or another choice. Screenshot_20210607-163531_Accessibility.jpg