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Trusting Samsung NO MORE

(Topic created on: 4/2/21 12:04 AM)
Galaxy S21

I am never trusting Samsung again. It's been a nightmare as far as Customer service goes. I had the Samsung A71....November. In December I heard of the pre-order promo for the Samsung s21 Ultra 5g. I started out with the Samsung s9 when it first came out and decided to cruise along. When I saw the specs of the camera for the s21 I had to jump on board. I would use my A71 for the trade in.

The Promo was to get $250 Samsung credit 30 days after your phone arrives if you pre-order and even better if you trade in your old phone. The a71 was still new and hardly used, I got $350 for the trade in.

I got an email confirmation that the a71 phone was received. The s21 phone came early and I was happy! I was really happy with the promo deal and it continued my interest in Samsung products.

3 weeks later, I get an email saying that the phone I sent them was not the a71 and they will be charging me full price for the S21 Ultra!??? I only had one phone! why would I need to keep two and send them a fake??? I don't get it! So after 15 emails and 6 calls, I finally got it fixed! their excuse was an error in their system? RIGHT!

30 days as promised, I get the $250 credit promo code to use on Samsung.com I only needed a phone case and headphones.....but the promo code would not work. First contact with Samsung and they told me that it will only work using the shop at Samsung app on the phone....even though the emails says web or app....So I tried the app....and no go! emailed again and they told me that it will only work on accessories....Well isn't headphones in that category? Two phone calls 14 emails and it's still not resolved...The last email stated that the promo was only good within 30 days after receiving the phone??? even though my original email says the promo code expires May 13th!!! It's only April right now!

In Conclusion! I believe Samsung falsely advertised this product to come with this promo code as well as accepting my a71 for the $350 credit. I asked what phone did they receive if it was not the a71 but they would not give me any info. I asked for them to send it back but if I did that then it's the same as forfeiting the promo trade in and I would not be able to do again. Samsung to me has become a scam! They can keep their **** $250 credit! The s21 is the last product I will purchase. I do have the Samsung smart TV, The Samsung fridge and the galaxy watch! Samsungs sales practices are a joke and I will never fall for it again! As far as the phone products....I really do not notice any difference between the a71 and the s21 that I had and own. I should have kept the a71 or even the s9+ was just as good.

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Galaxy S21
We are having the same problem with Samsung and the s20 that we purchased 6 months ago .