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US Factory Unlocked S21 Ultra will not connect to Verizon 5G NR

(Topic created on: 4/21/21 9:30 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21

Hello all,


I have an issue with a brand new factory Unlocked US version Samsung S21 Ultra 5G that I just purchased. 

First of all when I enter my IEMI number into the Verizon system, it states that this device is no longer supported!  What?  It was just released this year 


Secondly there is no VoLTE button located anywhere on the device. It's not under connections, mobile networks. WiFi calling is there. 

Lastly, the S21 Ultra 5G will not connect to 5G NR. My Signal Check Pro app shows the phone is picking up 5G NR, but it stays connected to LTE.  The 5G NR signal is actually stronger than the LTE signal, but yet I can't connect.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?  

I guess I'll have to call Verizon Tech Support and filter up through the layers until I get someone who knows something. So frustrating!

I did order a new SIM card, hopefully it'll be a 5G SIM when I get it. 

Not sure why Verizon does not recognize the IEMI either?  Hope they can add it to the system. 

This will take hours and hours of plus a lot of patience. 


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