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Ultra wide angle distortion and camera overheating

(Topic created: 05-11-2022 04:54 AM)
Galaxy S21

Facing issues with S21 Ultra:

1) While taking pics using Ultra wide angle lens of S21 Ultra, i have noticed something very odd. People/Objects/anything that appear on extreme left or right of the photograph appear distorted in some way. Either they appear slant, longer and/or circular.

S21 Ultra used to have "Ultrawide angle lens correction" feature earlier under camera settings. I remember that very clearly. But after a particular update, it just vanished away from the camera settings app.

Requesting Samsung to kindly provide this feature again. Let the ultra wide photo appearance be chosen by people based on their taste and liking. It's not good to enforce your beliefs/understanding on something when that something is designed for the end user use. Not everyone likes a GoPro camera kind of an image. Thanks.


2) There is tremendous heating issue while using the camera under hot conditions. The camera app shuts down and does not resume easily. It takes a lot of time to cool down. I have S21 Ultra Exonys version. Samsung should address this for Exonys processor based S21 Ultra's. Thanks

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Galaxy S21

Ditto ... please bring back the Ultra-wide shape correction toggle !