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Unable to customize ringtone with + or sound picker

(Topic created: 11-28-2021 09:33 PM)
Galaxy S21

@users Despite following every single recommendation for permissions, sound picker, & customization, I am still unable to choose my own ringtone. I choose it with the + and it lists but as soon as I exit settings it goes back to a whimpy annoying Galaxy default. Just about had it with Samsung..this is by far the worst most non customizable Galaxy with built in "must choose Samsung" to access a festure propriety bs Ive ever seen in ANY android os.

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Red Giant
Galaxy S21
well go into the default device admin settings and change the ring tone from there. it's reverting back to the default because your changing the set ring tone for the device from a user profile and not the admin.. the changes will revert back to what ever the admin profile has it set to until you change that one first