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Unable to use approved Samsung Finance

(Topic created: 06-05-2021 05:35 PM)
Galaxy S21


Purchasing samsung product using Samsung financing is not for everyone. If your name is more than 35 characters long you are not allowed to purchase using samsung finance. Here is my story...

I applied for samsung finance and was able to get it approved immediately. I was given a virtual card with TD bank with an available credit of $3200. I was very haapy. So i went to samsung.com to purchase galaxy s21 5g. I was able to include the phone in cart and do the checkout. In the checkout screen, i was given samsung financing as an option which showed my available credit and rest of the payment options like credit/debit card etc. 

when i selected samsung finance option it always threw an error "Invalid card details entered". So i checked my TD card online to see if the card was active and it was active. TD customer support also confirmed card is ok and has sufficient balance, but i was still unable to check out using samsung finance option. So i reached out to samsung ecommerce support regarding this issue. I emailed them the screen shot of the issue and after a week they sent me this absurd reply ...

"  Greetings from Samsung!

This is in reference to your recent contact with us regarding placing order. As per the update received from our dedicated team, the length of name cannot exceed 35 characters and also we request you to try placing your order using other payment method. Hope this information helps. "

At first when i saw the reply i thought it was a joke, but no, they are very serious and sent the same reply again. 

This is the first time i have heard i cannot use a credit card/financing option that was provided because name was too long. If name was too long, then why approve a samsung finance card ?

My advise to anyone who is planning to apply for samsung finance - check with the customer support if the card will be allowed based on your name, race, skin color, your pets name etc, because samsung's techonogly has discrimination at a different level and save yourself from an hard inquiry on credit history.

Hope you all enjoyed this story. I will be closing my "good for nothing" samsung finance card soon. Lets see what CFPB says about this.

Thank you.

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