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Unstable internet connection when connected to Android Auto

(Topic created: 05-22-2022 01:37 PM)
Galaxy S21

When connecting my S21+/S21 Ultra to Android Auto everything works well apart from the internet/data connection which will freeze every 5 minutes (however Android Auto will continue to work well). This is especially noticeable when having calls via Messenger / Whatsapp / etc, as the calls would just hang until dropping eventually. If I disconnect the phone from Android Auto I get a perfect internet connection without any freezes and drops. 

The main discomfort here is that I cannot have a call while driving and using Android Auto. Has anyone had this issue? Is there a fix available? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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Black Hole
Galaxy S21

Submit an error report after replicating the issue
Samsung Members app > Get help > Send feedback > Error reports