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Using Galaxy S21 Ultra as Twitch Streaming Main Camera thoughts

(Topic created: 06-18-2022 11:34 AM)
Galaxy S21

I have a full audio recording studio and have been thinking about starting a streaming twitch channel and recording gaming content for youtube, but the streaming channel camera is the only hardware I dont have already.

The S21 Ultra has a great camera for the basic uses I have used it for but for a more professional need I havent had much need for prior to this. 

Hoping other users may have experience using it for similar functionality or know how it compares to a camera that has streaming channel use as its target market like Razer's streaming camera product line? If the s21 is able to provide quality live streaming cam role for my needs are there any settings, extra apps, or setup tips that anyone recommends? I feel like the s21 and most Galaxy devices from the last couple years have higher quality camera functionality than Ive even used to their max potential & feel like they have a solid chance at meeting the need I just want to be sure, which I can't do if I dont know the best way to set them up. I do have lighting and stuff taken care off just to check off one box.

Thanks Reaper


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